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 here are the rules

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PostSubject: here are the rules   Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:07 pm

here are the rules new ones will be made if needed.
no spaming no cussing no disrespecting anyone no fighting no slandering no insulting
no cheating no inapropiate images no abusing powers admins must agree on desisions
you do what a admin tells you to do unless it is wrong. there will be 4 admins only. 1 admin for each dorm. you break these rules the admin of the dorm you are in will speak to the other admins to agree on you're punishment.if you break these rules you will get kick from chat box continue to break these rules you will be banned for 1 day still break these rules you will be banned for a week continue to break the rules you will be banned longer. unless the admins dont agree for punishment.
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here are the rules
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